Uber Is Retooling Its App for California Drivers. Lyft Isn’t

In response to a new California law that took effect at the start of this year and has the potential to upend numerous on-demand companies, Uber has pushed out changes for drivers in the state that would once have been unthinkable: capping service fees that go to Uber, boosting fare transparency and even testing the ability to set their own fare.

But other companies — including Uber’s biggest ride-hailing rival, Lyft — have been curiously silent, apparently opting for business as usual.

Zoo Adds Giraffe Sculpture at Nashville Airport

Nashville International Airport has a new greeter – a two-story tall giraffe in the rental car area.

The Nashville Zoo installed the giraffe, created by Dorand Design Studios, overnight on Jan. 9 in hopes to draw more attention to the Zoo. The giraffe is accompanied by a few pieces of luggage and signs directing toward Nashville Zoo and Kenya.

Nashville Sets Tourism Record in 2019 with 16.1 Million Visitors

A record 16.1 million tourists visited Nashville in 2019, an increase over the previous record of 15.2 million set in 2018, according to data released Jan. 27 by the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp.

To end the year, the NCVC said Nashville’s annual New Year’s Eve event produced $26.6 million in direct visitor spending. More than 200,000 people attended the event, up from the previous year’s estimate of 175,000 to 200,000 attendees.

Bowling Green Presents New Plan to Integrate Immigrants into Economy, Community

In recent years Bowling Green and Warren County has seen unmatched economic growth and with that, there are thousands of job opportunities locally.

“Bowling Green continues to be a great place to raise a family, to find a job, to afford housing, and so people look at that opportunity,” said Brent Childers, Director of Neighborhood and Community Services for the City of Bowling Green. “When you compare us to other cities those opportunities are available here that are not available in a lot of other communities and people seek that out, people recognize that.”

Bowling Green Continues to Grow with Expansions

Bowling Green continues to grow and expand with new business popping up and established businesses expanding.

Some business expansions include Lost River Pizza, Hobby Lobby, and the Kroger on Scottsville road.

“We have been so very blessed in bowling green we have been the fastest-growing community in Kentucky since 20-11 and just last year we were identified as the best place to live in Kentucky by the time and its been a very balanced growth which is awesome,” said Ron Bunch, CEO and President of Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce.

Blue Grass Airport Sets New Passenger Record in 2019

A record number of passengers traveled through Lexington’s Blue Grass Airport in 2019.

Blue Grass Airport saw 1,465,049 total passengers between its four airlines: Allegiant, American, Delta, and United.

That was a 7.6% total passenger increase over 2018 and was the eighth consecutive year the airport had seen a record number of travelers.

Blue Grass Airport has taken on several improvement projects in recent years, including expanding its long-term parking lot by 300 spaces and select curbside pick-up for Lyft and Uber drivers.

Caution: Traffic Trouble Remains Constant in Nashville

It’s become a four-letter word in Middle Tennessee.

Maybe it’s because drivers lose about 58 hours a year stuck in congestion. Or because Nashville drivers spend roughly 20% more than the national average commuting — more than $7,700 annually. Or, maybe traffic ticks people off because just one alert snarls the entire ride.

Whatever the case, Steve Glover, an at-large member of the Nashville Metro Council, weighs in, “traffic is horrendous, and we hate it!”

Glover also readily admits there’s a problem, and throwing more money at public transportation isn’t his answer.




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